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Paint and Panel: The Edge

Jun 24, 2024

n Digital ADAS Solution to improve your workflow and profitability - with Martin Pinnell-Brown
This is your opportunity to be an early adopter and steal a march on the rest of the market. We speak to Martin Pinnell-Brown, Director of Innovation at Repairify, who is an expert in ADAS technology and a visionary in the field of automotive repair.
Martin will give you the heads up on how you can make ADAS profitable for your business, and how the UK market has adopted it. 
In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • How Martin worked his way up the industry
  • Why the UK market understands ADAS better than Australia
  • Why EVs are having more front-end collisions
  • The increase in repair costs
  • Are ADAS calibrations necessary for all accidents in the UK?
  • How to make a profit from doing your own ADAS calibrations
  • How much space you need in your workshop for ADAS calibrations
  • How to train people to work with this technology
  • The difference between LIDAR and RADAR
  • Where ADAS is going next
  • Possible litigation for bodyshops with automated vehicles
  • How technicians are undervalued
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