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Paint and Panel: The Edge

Jul 8, 2024

What is a virtual estimator and why should you get one?
In this episode, Ben welcomes Ash Jardine back to The Edge to delve into the growing trend of virtual estimators in the collision repair industry. 

They discuss how Ash’s company has developed a system for training virtual estimators offshore to manage quotes effectively for Australian repair shops. 

The conversation covers the benefits of virtual estimators, including time savings for on-site staff, increased productivity, improved parts pricing, and the ability to focus on upselling and customer service. 

Ash shares insights into the misconceptions about using remote teams, the rigorous selection process for virtual estimators, and the economic advantages for repair shops. They also touch upon the setup and integration process, overcoming resistance to change, and real-world success stories.

In this episode:
Introduction to Virtual Estimators
Benefits of Virtual Estimators
Offshore Teams and Time Zones
Misconceptions and Hiring Process
Training and Integration
Cost Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction
Overcoming Overseas Estimation Challenges
The Virtual Estimation Process Explained
Maximizing Efficiency and Profits
Customer Testimonials and Success Stories