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Paint and Panel: The Edge

Nov 20, 2023

This week’s key takeaway:
The benefits of hiring a virtual estimator - with Jim Damatopoulos
Episode intro:
How would you feel about saving 40% and paying no payroll tax or super on your estimator? Jim Damatopoulos is just about to tell you how. Jim has joined forces with one of our previous guests, Ash Jardine, to offer a virtual estimator service that is already changing the game for innovative body shops in Australia.
There will be no quick fix for the skills shortage in our industry, but maybe just maybe you can find a quick fix for your own business. If you like the sound of being ahead of the curve and becoming an early adopter... listen up!
In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • How a virtual estimator proves their ability
  • Situations where a virtual estimator doesn’t work
  • How to overcome the language barrier
  • How triage is done with a virtual estimator
  • How a virtual estimator can free up your time to perform other tasks
  • How to communicate with the virtual estimator
  • The possible work rate of the virtual estimator
  • Which jobs are the most appropriate for a virtual estimator
  • The kind of shop that is best suited to a virtual estimator
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